Sermons from April 2019

Sermons from April 2019

The Ongoing Battle

The mind is powerful, so it’s a daily battle to subject it to God and His ways. Watch Pastor Jack Munley teach on “The Ongoing Battle.” You’ll be encouraged.

What Does God Say About How You Think?

What if someone knew what you were thinking all the time? Would you think differently? How we think determines how we feel, which determines how we act. Watch Pastor Jack Munley teach on this critical topic, “What Does God Say About How You Think?”

Where Are You Looking?

Jesus set His face towards Jerusalem, the place where He’d be nailed to the cross for your sins and mine! He was focused to complete what God called Him to do. Are you as focused? To whom or what are you looking? Watch Pastor Jack Munley’s message titled, “Where Are You Looking?” Be encouraged and challenged!