Sermons from March 2019

Sermons from March 2019

God Where Are You?

Do you ever feel God is a million miles away and doesn’t care about our lives and the trials we go through? Watch Pastor Jack Munley preach on this powerful message titled, “God Where Are You?”

Is God Really With Us In the Midst Of Our Suffering?

Do you feel abandoned in the midst of your suffering? Do you feel God doesn’t care or is ambivalent? Does He really allow suffering? Watch Pastor Jack Munley preach from Genesis 37-50 about the resilience and hope displayed by Joseph in the midst of his suffering. His message is titled…

Get Out the Broom. It’s Time To Clean, But I Must Warn You.

We need to take out the broom and do some sin-cleaning in our lives so we can unlock and unleash God’s peace and blessings upon our lives! Watch Pastor Jack Munleypreach from 2 Chronicles 14-16 about a man named King Asa and what we can learn from his life. His message is titled “Get Out the…

Know Your Identity in Christ

Who are you? Have you allowed others define who you are or are you defined by who Jesus says you are? Watch Pastor Jack Munley share this powerful and life-changing message, with a demonstration, titled “Know Your Identity in Christ.” It’ll change your destiny!