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Don’t Let Your Life Be A City Without Walls

Self-control/discipline is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, but difficult to maintain, but it’s necessary or we’ll become like a city without walls, a life prone to attacks from the enemy. Watch Pastor Jack Munley teach from Prov. 25:28 and other Scriptures for his message titled, “Don’t Let Your Life…

The World Is Our Bridal Chamber

Did you know that this world is not our permanent home? Just like a bride-to-be prepares herself to meet her groom/husband on that beautiful Wedding day, so must we prepare ourselves in this life to meet our husband- Jesus in heaven! Watch pastor Jack Munley preach a powerful life-changing message titled, “This World Is Our Bridal Chamber.”

The Ongoing Battle

The mind is powerful, so it’s a daily battle to subject it to God and His ways. Watch Pastor Jack Munley teach on “The Ongoing Battle.” You’ll be encouraged.

What Does God Say About How You Think?

What if someone knew what you were thinking all the time? Would you think differently? How we think determines how we feel, which determines how we act. Watch Pastor Jack Munley teach on this critical topic, “What Does God Say About How You Think?”